Green Environment: Its Significance for Mother Earth and Mankind

Depleting resources and rising pollution levels coupled with devastating climate changes have been affecting our planet severely. Scientists, activists and common people are calling for a need to maintain a Green environment and preserve our Earth. It is high time to go green! Environment experts have pointed out potential hazards that will occur if precautionary measures are not taken.

Utilizing eco-friendly products or biodegradable products will be a key factor in reducing plastic toxicity. In addition to that, judicial use of non-renewable resources and opting for environmentally friendly resources will significantly reduce the burden on the environment.

Read on to know about the importance of maintaining the environment and its perks.

Key Takeaways

  • Green environment supports sustainable living to preserve resources for future generations.
  • Using eco-friendly products reduces environmental pollution.
  • Practices like renewable energy use aim to combat global warming.
  • Individual actions like conserving water have a significant environmental impact.
  • Green concepts in economy and energy fight climate change.

The Green Environment

What do you think of when you hear the word “Green Environment”? Surely your clue will be a concept that aims to protect the environment. Well, it’s not wrong. But, it doesn’t fully answer the complete definition.

This concept is derived from sustainable living, focusing on how we can maximize the potential of our earth without destroying it. Sustainable development itself was first initiated by Barbara Ward, the founder of the International Institute for Environment and Development in 1970. Then, what is the meaning and concept of a green environment?

Green Environment
The Green Environment

1. What is a Green Environment?

In general, a green environment refers to the choice you apply to live your life while considering what impacts your behavior and actions for our planet. You have to ensure that your life contributes to maintaining the survival of other living beings so they won’t go extinct. It also includes preserving the natural resources and healthy environment for future generations to experience.

Such tasks are not easy, knowing that we live in a system that does not support us living under sustainable development practices. For instance, we are used to using disposable products, which materials possess harmful effects on the environment since they are non-degradable.

And that’s how our economy evolved and leads up to now. Therefore, we better start now before it’s too late. Remember, every small step counts.

2. What is the Concept of the Green Environment?

The principle or concept of a green environment covers several points, including supporting the use of renewable materials, applying sustainable consumption and production, minimizing waste, and reducing toxic pollutants (land, water and soil).

Furthermore, the main objective of implementing these practices is saving the Earth by preventing the exploitation of natural resources and preserving the environment. There are several other concepts that support a green environment, such as green chemistry, green economy, green tourism, and green energy.

All three work together to fight climate change and slow down the effects of global warming.

The Importance of a Green Environment for Mother Earth and Mankind

Recently, data from the United Nations says that the world’s population reached 8 BILLION on November, 15th 2022! This number is not small, knowing we are now dealing with the impacts of climate change, global warming, food crises, and pandemics. Rapid population growth means that new problems will continue to emerge if we don’t take action now.

Importance Of A Green Environment
The Importance Of A Green Environment for Mother Earth and Mankind

And that’s the reason why a going green movement is crucial for human lives and, of course, our planet Earth. It’s not only about melting ice anymore. But how we, as living beings, can be responsible for using natural sources while keeping our earth comfortable for future generations that continue growing.

So, what are the benefits if you implement green living for the environment and community?

1. Reduced Pollution

According to World Bank statistics, as much as 95% of deaths in developing countries are related to air pollution. Other data from the United Nations mentioned that air pollution caused 7 million premature births worldwide.

Meanwhile, the pollution costs a sizable budget burden for the globe worth approximately US$ 8.1 trillion as of 2019. As for land and marine pollution, the environmental problems are non-degradable waste, such as plastics, glass, and metal, which end up in landfill and oceans.

Given these horrendous facts, green environment practices will hopefully reduce negative impacts of pollution that can disrupt ecosystems and threaten human health.

So, what can you do to deal with this environmental crisis? Switch to public transport! It will help slash the air pollution and save your budget. Also, replace non-renewable products with biodegradable ones.

By using biodegradable products, people can drastically reduce land, water, and soil pollution. In addition, clean water will benefit fisheries, households, farmers and improve tourism prospects.

2. Mitigate Global Warming

Industrial pollution contributed the most to global warming, accounting for 79% from 1970 to 2011, followed by agricultural and other sectors. This sharp increase was triggered by the massive use of fossil fuels. China ranks first as the contributor to carbon dioxide pollution, followed by the US, EU and India.

Fortunately, with the increasing number of campaigns on climate change, awareness has started to rise in the industry. This is evidenced by the implementation of green energy and production. It focuses on using fewer natural sources, reducing pollution, switching to renewable energy and reusable materials, and waste management.

Renewable Energy Concept Reduce CO2 Emissions
Renewable Energy Concept Reduce CO2 Emissions

Moreover, the use of advanced technology for energy efficiency is also a concern of the green concept. In addition to the sake of our planet, green manufacturing also benefits manufacturers. It reduces costs and taxes and gets brand recognition from consumers for producing eco-friendly products.

3. Minimize Ecosystem and Biodiversity Loss

Reports from the United Nations show that as much as land-based animals and 75% of marine life have been altered by human activities. In 2015, about 33% of the marine fish stock was harvested unsustainably.

Meanwhile, 300-400 million tonnes of industrial waste, including plastic, metals, fertilizer, solvent, and sludge, ditched to the world’s water, leaving 400 dead zones because of the severe pollution. How devastating is this for our ecosystem!

Seeing these shocking and sad facts, it’s like an emergency call for us to immediately take action. Humans must understand that resources are scarce, be they renewable or nonrenewable.

Hence, by adopting a green lifestyle, you can help to save the environment. Start small, such as replacing plastic bottles with reusable ones, taking public transport, conserving water, and turning off your electronic devices when unused.

In addition, green manufacturing also has huge positive effects on the environment. It is more aware of waste management, selection of sustainable raw materials, and using Green and energy-efficient products will contribute to huge savings.

By implementing green living, we give thanks to the Earth for providing enormous natural sources that we can use to fulfill our life.

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Green Environmental Issues

For those who think that our earth can still survive for a long time, we would like to present some facts that humans are currently facing. The melting of Arctic ice is only a tiny part of the impacts of climate change, while some are already at alarming levels. One of the environmental issues of concern is habitat loss.

Habitat and ecosystem loss generally happens due to deforestation. In general, the purpose of clearing this forest is for agricultural land and human settlements expansion.

And then, guess what happened after? Animals lose their homes and food sources. Because of this, they will usually begin to reach residential areas to look for food. Some even act aggressively towards humans as domino effects of habitat loss.

Green Environmental Issues
Green Environmental Issues

Furthermore, this denuded forest phenomenon has also resulted in many natural disasters, such as floods and landslides. They usually occur when heavy rain lasts for hours. Since no forest is a catchment area, the soil will be easily eroded. And erosions will occur. Floods are also inevitable because the trees that used to absorb water are now gone.

Fewer trees mean less oxygen supply. In addition, the increase in pollution also occurs because the trees that normally absorb air pollution have been cut down. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop here. Another problem pops up, air, land, and soil pollution.

In the US, greenhouse emissions from transportation is the biggest contributor, accounting for 90%, where industry shares 24% in 2020. The rest are the agriculture, electricity, fashion, and food sectors.

Meanwhile, land, soil, and water pollution are mainly caused by non-degradable materials (plastics, glass, metal, etc.) dumped into landfill. From here, waste that cannot be decomposed by soil microbes will pollute the soil and most of it will end up floating into the ocean.

All in all, all kinds of pollution will give detrimental health issues to the cause, us humans.

How Does the Green Environment Affect Earth and People’s Lives?

There is no doubt that green living has a lot of positive effects on our earth. It reduces the individual carbon footprint, which, when accumulated, will have a significant impact. At least, it can take a break from various environmental damage caused by humans.

One of the positive influences of a green environment is preserving natural resources. The principle echoed from this concept is reduce, reuse, and recycle, so as to reduce the potential for waste and pollution.

If pollution is reduced, the ecosystem can be better maintained. Fishes will be happy swimming without being disturbed or ingesting plastic waste.

How Does The Green Environment Affect Earth and People's Lives
How Does The Green Environment How Does The Green Environment Affect Earth and People’s Lives

Furthermore, a green environment also improves human health and well-being. You can also enjoy nutritious food without any trace amount of pollution from soil or water which is often a concern. Growing your own foods also gives you a sense of fulfillment and happiness because you can harvest food directly from your backyard.

Without realizing it, gardening reduces the energy-related and fuel consumption of food production and transportation.

How Does the Green Environment Affect Human Behavior?

In addition to its many benefits for the earth, the green lifestyle also positively affects human behavior. Research proves that those who implement a green living will have better mental health. It is because they live with full responsibility for what they do happily according to their own wishes. They also value nature and the environment more by giving back what nature offers to humans.

In addition, they also tend to be more disciplined because they are required to follow a new lifestyle which, in fact, is not the same as others. It is also usually followed by a healthier lifestyle, because they will pay attention to food intake and tend to choose plant-based sources. Some even grow their own foods!

On the other hand, such a concept may be a little challenging for some because they have to stick to the rules they make for themselves. If they are not fully committed, they can return to their old, non-sustainable lifestyle.

Daily Activities to Maintain Green Environment

Contributing to the green environment does not need to be a big step. You can try slowly shifting your daily activities to more sustainable ones.

So, how to start?

Daily Activities To Maintain Eco-lifestyle
Daily Activities To Maintain Green Environment

1. Walking and Cycling

Instead of taking private cars or motorcycles, you can try using a bicycle to work or school. In addition to reducing air pollution, cycling is also an easy and inexpensive means of exercise. You don’t have to go to the gym anymore, so you’ll save money!

In addition, you also have a slashed budget for gasoline. Furthermore, cycling improves mental health as your body  releases endorphins while exercising.

2. Vegetable or Fruit Gardening

Fruit and vegetable gardening will give you a feeling of happiness and satisfaction as you can harvest your own foods. In addition to reducing the budget for buying food in supermarkets, gardening also contributes to reducing the energy used to produce and transport the foods.

In addition, you also cut the use of plastic materials as food sold is generally wrapped or packed with plastics. Besides gardening, you can also buy food from local markets to improve the local economy.

3. Thrifting

In the US alone, textile waste can reach 11.3 MILLION tons per year. This is very worrying, knowing that they are primarily non-degradable. Hence, thrifting is an ideal alternative for those who like to change outfits and shop. Besides helping save the planet, you also spend less money on good-quality clothes.

Not to mention you will find hidden gems while thrifting. And the fun fact is, sometimes the style of attire is not on the market like fast fashion!

Final Thoughts

Green environment is related to sustainable development. It focuses on how your behavior and life can influence the environment positively. Besides, green living also benefits you by bettering your mental health, saving your budget, and ensuring better health and well-being.

You can try this lifestyle by shifting your vehicles to bikes, gardening, buying from locals, and thrifting. They may look small, but when you do it all together, such actions will bring big impacts to our mother earth. Apart from these wonderful perks, it is of paramount importance to create a sustainable environment for future generations. Protect the environment! Go Green!

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the objective of green?

While green environment refers to the concept of living along with nature, the main objective of implementing this idea is saving the Earth by preventing the exploitation of natural resources and preserving the environment.

Several other concepts that support a green environment, such as green chemistry, green economy, green energy, and green tourism. All four work together to fight climate change and slow down the effects of global warming.

Why do we have environmental problems?

Environmental issues we know do not occur overnight. It is accumulated over the years that were left neglected. The main cause of environmental damage today is human activities that over-exploit nature.

In addition, the use of non-biodegradable materials, lack of waste treatments, and increasing population growth also exacerbates this condition. Then, it leads to other serious problems, such as poverty and health problems caused by environmental pollution, for example.

How can we make our environment green?

You can start a go-green campaign for yourself. Try to turn off lights and electronic devices when not in use, take public transportation instead of private vehicles, and use a reusable water bottle. In addition, buying food from local markets helps reduce energy consumption and fuels used to transport your food from the farms and fields to the market.

Also, take a shorter time to shower and use a washing machine and dishwasher with an automatic timer system to save water.