How to Save Mother Earth Before It’s Too Late? (Important Tips)

To save Mother Earth before it’s too late, adopt sustainable living practices such as using reusable products, reducing consumption, and supporting local markets.

The corona virus pandemic has taught us that we can no longer take Mother Earth for granted. During these dark times, complex problems began to surface, such as social and economic inequality, the food crisis, to the emergence of a new wave of waste sources, disposable masks. If we continue on this path, the outcomes could be far worse than our fears. Every small step counts to save the Mother Earth, and we must act now!

You can start by changing your life towards green and sustainable living. It is a concept that ensures we take advantage of natural resources while saving the earth for the sake of future generations.

Suppose you are still hesitant to apply the green idea in your life. In that case, our article will help broaden your insights about why we need to take immediate action.

It is our moral duty to protect Mother Earth that has given us more than we deserve. So, bear with us and read it to the end!

Key Takeaways

  • Small steps towards sustainability are vital for Earth’s future.
  • Climate change is worsening global crises, demanding urgent action.
  • Rising temperatures and sea levels highlight climate change’s impact.
  • Simple lifestyle changes can significantly protect the environment.
  • Educating students in eco-friendly practices fosters environmental stewardship.

Why Should We Take Care of Mother Earth?

Caring for Mother Earth and our environment has been a notion dear to humankind since the dawn of time. Many of the societies deemed “primitive” for having retained elements of a lifestyle that most human societies abandoned millennia ago exhibit, to some degree, a sense of protection of the Planet.

Nowadays, global climate change, environment, and wildlife protection have been more talked about, with the prospect of humankind irremediably damaging our homes. The destruction of our environment or Mother Earth is taking its toll on us: some natural resources such as oil, soil, and fisheries are being used, and subsequently, conflicts and entrenched hunger are being exacerbated by this scarcity.

save the mother earth
Why Should We Take Care of Mother Earth?

Furthermore, the drastic increase in temperature, which is getting more and more out of control every year, has had detrimental effects. The data suggests that 2021 was the tenth warmest year since 2013, with an increase of around 1.51°F on land and sea.

This number looks small, but the effect is significant on our earth’s climate. Not to mention serious problems that emerged afterward, such as habitat loss, natural disasters, and famine that hit due to climate change.

The World Food Program reported that global warming fuels food insecurity. As it worsens, it can lead to millions of people starving yearly. But how does climate change cause a food crisis? With the increasingly chaotic world climate, floods and droughts are more common. And it seems we have gotten used to it. Of course, such a condition takes a massive toll on farmers. Crop failures are becoming more frequent, while world food stocks are running low. Access to nutritious food is decreasing. This impact is felt especially by low to middle-class people.

That’s only a start! It pains us to say this, but what is the point of going to Mars when we cannot save the Mother Earth? We are at a crossroads, and we can either dive into the matrix or the madman route. Or perhaps, challenge ourselves and move on the star trek path towards a better future, or there is always the Thanos way.

For the reasons above, we must immediately take action to get a climate change solution. Or, there is no going back to the beginning.

What are the Problems with Our Mother Earth Now?

Mother nature has been giving us warning signs for over a decade now, with one pandemic or natural disaster after another. It is not just this crisis. The after-effects of disguised-as-shadow pandemics (hunger, abuse, violence, and poverty) are surfacing slowly and steadily. And yet some are still rambling that global warming is just a myth. How is that possible?

To understand the problem of mother earth now, we would like to break it down one by one based on the data. So, no one can debate it anymore and focus more on how we can take care of the earth.

One of the impacts of climate change that has been predicted by scientists is the increase in temperature, which was followed by other concerning issues. It starts with melting glaciers which causes sea level rise.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the U.S. (NOAA), sea levels will rise by about 10-12 inches by 2050.

save the mother earth
What are The Problems with Our Mother Earth Now?

The figure may seem small, but it threatens our coastal life. This phenomenon may trigger major coastal abrasion that can narrow the coastline. In addition, the frequency of high tides that flood coastal settlements will also be higher. Not to mention the loss of wetlands and marshes that damage the surrounding ecosystem.

Consequently, people must comply with climate adaptation, such as building seawalls to protect their homes from high waves. Or, they may relocate to higher lands.

Another problem occurs when the temperature keeps rising and starts messing with our climate. In 2022, a heat wave that hit most of Europe caused forest fires everywhere. It also causes 15,000 DEATH due to scorching temperatures in several EU countries, particularly the southwestern parts. Meanwhile, harsh winter approached with massive snowfall and a temperature drop.

As for agriculture, this uncertain climate often makes farmers fail to harvest. Long summers lead to widespread drought. Thus, their crops cannot survive. Meanwhile, the long rainy season does not provide the benefits it should. But instead flooded their agricultural land. As a result, they suffered heavy losses.

save the mother earth
Micro Plastics Pollution on The Sea

On the other hand, consumers also feel the food shortage’s impact. The price is rising, while some people from the lower middle class cannot afford it. And guess what? Hunger is another issue. It’s basically like domino effects, happening one after another without ending.

Apart from rampant hunger, we also have to deal with health issues. Climate change triggers significant seasonal changes so that more and more infectious diseases appear. One of them is the recent coronavirus pandemic. Viruses will be easier to mutate and survive in warm temperatures. It is, without a doubt, a threat to humans.

Look at how the pandemic that emerged at the end of 2019 caused more than 6.5 millions of deaths. Are we just going to stand by or be ignorant while choking our mother earth? Saving the world is a must now to ensure safe life for the next generation!

How Can We Save Our Mother Earth from Extinction?

Nature has given us an amazing opportunity to just pause and get off this merry-go-round of life and review how we live and what life would be like if we weren’t around to push her other children out of the playground. But we as petulant children refuse to listen.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the earth has sent us to our rooms to sit in a corner and think about what we are doing.

save the mother earth
How Can We Save Our Mother Earth from Extinction?

We can come out of this corner with a promise to do better or continue to do so till she hands out the next punishment which could be only more severe. So, what can we do to save the mother earth?

1. How Can We Save Mother Earth In Short?

Saving our mother earth means we save our lives! You can’t take the biggest steps to help our planet survive. Every simple thing you can do to help protect the earth matters. They will make a big difference once you turn them into a habit.

Here are what you can do to shifting your life into more earth-friendly lifestyle:

Buy Reusable Shopping Bags

You do need to invest money to buy them, but you can use them over and over again. So, they are technically cheaper than plastic bags. And most importantly, they are safer for our mother earth.

Less Consumption Is Better

Most food products nowadays are wrapped in packages. They are handy for preserving foods and make them easy to distribute. However, it comes with alarming consequences for the earth. The packing materials, which commonly include plastics, will be ditched to the landfill and pollute the soil.

And most of the time, they will float on the ocean and contaminate coastal life. Hence, you can contribute to the green movement by cutting your consumption to save our environment.

Take Public Transport

As much as private vehicles are more comfortable, they consume more energy (gasoline). And that’s harmful to the planet. Imagine if 8 billion people in the world each have a car.

How many emissions do they produce every day? For that reason, we highly suggest you take public transportation instead. Besides saving our planet, you also slash your budget for gasoline!

Buy From Local Market

For those who don’t have time to grow their own food but are still willing to save the Mother Earth, you better buy food from locals! It helps to cut carbon emissions and, thus, preserves the energy needed to distribute the foods.

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2. How Can Students Help to Protect Mother Earth?

We can introduce the green movement to students to help them start a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. But first, we must provide an easy understanding of how important it is to keep the earth habitable.

For example, by giving an example that humans are very dependent on natural sources such as trees to produce oxygen where we need it to breathe. Or share insights that we rely on the planet to provide food sources, like vegetables, fruits, fish, and farm animals. If our world is dying, we are also threatened.

Here are some ways to save our planet the students can follow:

Use Reusable Bottle Water

Instead of buying water in the bottle, teachers can encourage the students to bring their own bottle water and fill it at home. Or, it will be better that school and university provide free water counters for the students. So, they will be motivated to move on from plastics to reusable bottles.

Grow Plants and Trees

Educational institutions can organize planting trees together on Earth Day. In addition to keeping the earth green, such an event can be used to campaign to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of climate change. Thus, students can understand the benefits of positive activities that try to save the environment.

Ditch The Garbage Following Their Types

Even though it looks trivial, many people still don’t understand the essence of separating waste according to its type. In fact, it is essential for the treatment process of waste. Are they renewable, or do they require further treatment to make them easier to decompose?

Therefore, providing insight into separating waste types is crucial for students, especially in early grades, so they are accustomed to doing it early on.

What are the Importance of Saving Mother Earth?

If you wonder why saving Mother Earth is extremely crucial, let us explain it in easy terms, so that you know the importance of saving the planet for us.

Humans are very dependent on the earth and its resources. The forests give us trees whose roots conserve fresh water for us to drink, while the dense foliage produces oxygen to breathe. In addition, the sea provides fish for consumption.

Moreover, the soil grows fruits and vegetables to nourish our bodies, ensuring we are full and happy. And farm animals are abundant as a source of protein that suffices our nutrition.

save the mother earth
What are The Importance of Saving Mother Earth?

For clothing, humans harvest cotton before being used as sewing threads and comfortable fabrics to wear. Even before synthetic materials existed, we used fleece to keep us warm during winter by making jackets and blankets. Today, we still rely on coal to meet our energy needs. Even though we know they are non-renewable.

On the flip side, several renewable energy sources, such as the sun, geothermal, and wind, depending on the weather. So, can you imagine if all that disappeared? Will humans be able to exist as they are now? We don’t think so.

If our mother earth is dying, and so do we. Therefore, saving mother earth is not only critical, but also a necessity so that we can survive on this only habitable planet. We can’t thrive without adequate natural resources from our earth.

Can We Still Save Mother Earth?

Bringing back the earth from its very beginning where all of these climate change impacts haven’t started is impossible. But, still, we can make a change! You can start campaigning for the green movement yourself, by giving examples to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

For example, reduce land used for planting foods through alternating garden beds using wooden crates. Or, do more cycling and walking than taking private vehicles. Also, try to reduce plastics through eco-friendly and compostable products which do not harm our Mother Earth since they are easily disposable.

Can We Still Save planet
Can We Still Save Mother Earth?

We can replace the plastic paper bags and utensils, into eco-friendly cutlery or cassava bags. Reusable shopping bags are OK if you don’t have access to those biodegradable options.

If we take this pledge in the favor of Mother Earth, we will be able to see the changes in the environment and even the greenery will be seen again. Again earth will be known as the Green Planet.

Final Thoughts

Answering the question “Do we really deserve Mother Earth?” is pretty tricky. It depends on how you treat your planet. If you consider your life and its environmental impact well, then you make a change. Even if it is a tiny step, like switching off the lamps when unused, it is important.

Remember, every small action counts to make the world a better place to live. But if you are ignorant, you better think twice before the human species goes extinct because of their own doing.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What will happen to our mother earth if we don’t recycle?

Non-biodegradable materials, like plastics, glasses, and metals, will remain in their shape as bacteria cannot decompose them. Usually, they will be recycled so we can use them again. Without recycling, they will pollute our land since the waste will accumulate in landfills. The chemicals will also contaminate groundwater and make it dangerous to use and consume.

The damage does not stop there. Most of the garbage may be flushed away to the nearest water sources, like the river, before it ends up in the ocean and pollutes marine life.

What will happen if we don’t stop global warming?

The effect of global warming is not only limited to the melting ice in the Arctic. It covers every element in our lives. With the increase in temperature, our community will suffer from various issues, such as hunger, ecosystem loss, pandemics, natural disasters, economic turbulence, and many more!

Hence, we must stop global warming and help to protect our planet before it’s too late. Several ways to save mother earth include living with a green concept, switching to nature-friendly goods, and using electronic devices that prioritize energy efficiency.

Is it worth it to save Earth?

Yes! It is totally worth it to save the Mother Earth. Saving our planet is our responsibility knowing the Earth has given so much for us to enjoy. Thanks to mother nature, you can have a home to stay, food to eat, and animals and plants to care for. Unfortunately, many ignorant folks still don’t care about their surroundings.

In fact, climate change takes us closer to extinction. By helping mother earth to thrive, we make the world a better place to stay for future generations.

Is it too late to save mother earth?

Despite not being able to reverse the effects of climate change, it is never too late to save the environment. Anything that helps reduce the earth’s temperature rise matters. You can start by participating in the switch-off campaign to celebrate earth day, moving from plastics to biodegradable materials, and separating waste according to type. Also, planting trees to keep the earth green will count as an effort to stop global warming.

By understanding the importance of nature, you will appreciate all aspects that our earth has to offer. It includes fresh and clean air to breathe, plants and livestock to consume, to natural wealth to enjoy.