Non-Biodegradable Products

Discover the harmful impact of non-biodegradable products on our environment. From single-use plastics to synthetic materials, these products contribute to pollution and waste. It’s time to make a change and opt for sustainable alternatives. Join the movement towards a greener future by reducing your reliance on non-biodegradable products.

How Toxic Is Plastic To Humans

Plastic The Toxic Ingredient

Over the years, plastic has gained firm footing as a household item. The material’s versatility has compelled us to include it in every facet of our modern lives. It includes carrying bags for groceries or the plastic cutlery of the ‘use-and-throw’ variety. Among others, big businesses like e-commerce websites, consumable brands, and food delivery platforms […]

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Harmful Effects Non-Biodegradable Plastic Products

Harmful Effects of Non-Biodegradable Plastic Products

The arrival of the “Age of Plastic” in the 1950s brought about a sea change in building technology. The industries began to develop a wide array of plastics from formulations in fossil fuels making them a ubiquitous component of every building assembly. And this is the beginning of our nightmare to deal with the harmful

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Ways to Say Goodbye to Plastic

Ways to Say Goodbye to Plastic

Just Below the surface, in the water bodies,More plastics than Aquatic life by 2050! We live in a society obsessed with convenience. This obsession has made plastics a royal personage. The comfort of using plastics no doubt cannot be overlooked. However, the environmental costs of this reigning polymer may bring about our downfall. The vandalism

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