Ways to Say Goodbye to Plastic

Just Below the surface, in the water bodies,
More plastics than Aquatic life by 2050!

We live in a society obsessed with convenience. This obsession has made plastics a royal personage. The comfort of using plastics no doubt cannot be overlooked. However, the environmental costs of this reigning polymer may bring about our downfall.

The vandalism caused by one time-use of plastic products, in particular straws, spoons, glasses, plates, carry bags is no laughing matter. These are synthetic chemicals that wreak havoc on the environment that sustain us. Our oceans are becoming little more than sewers for the world’s refuge.

Considering plastic lurks in every nook and corner of our lives, banishing it completely seems unrealistic and impractical. It is therefore high time that we realize the importance of replacing petroleum based plastics with eco-friendly cousins to save Mother Earth from escalating ecological catastrophes.

The list of eco-friendly products listed here depicts the ease with which we can replace some of the plastic products. Replacing them can virtually eliminate single use plastic pollution. These include:

1. Cornstarch Products

Cornstarch products use renewable agrarian derived starch to make bio-plastic polymers that are further used to make environmentally friendly products. These include bowls, food trays, lunch boxes, segmented plates, boxes, cutlery, etc. The products made from these carbohydrate derivatives are 100% biodegradable, carbon-neutral & compostable at the end of their useful lives.

2. Bagasse Products

Bagasse is made from the fibrous residue of sugarcane after extracting their juice from it. Bagasse products are a further extension of the recyclable, sustainable mantra.

Moreover, the manufacturing process for Bagasse paper and other bagasse products is environmentally friendly. Sustainable, renewable and compostable are equally applicable adjectives for products made from this sugarcane residue. Products manufactured using Bagasse include bowls and cups.

3. Crystallized Poly Lactic Acid Products

CPLA is a bio-plastic obtained by crystallizing Poly Lactic Acid. The Ecomaniac products made of CPLA can fight high temperatures up to 85 degree Celsius without breaking a sweat!

The CPLA Cutlery by Ecomaniac is made from compostable resins like PLA and other plant-based polymers. The incineration of CPLA products does not generate any toxic substances and thus protects the future of your next generation.

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4. Cassava Bags

Let us ignite a revolt against ubiquitous plastic bags! Cassava eco-bags are the solution to mitigate the world-wide epidemic of non-biodegradable plastic bags and provide feasible alternatives to improve the environment and save marine species. Advantages offered by Cassava Bags are:

  • They are Non-toxic
  • Possess anti-static properties & are good oxygen barriers.
  • Hold high loading performance for carrying dry weights.
  • Biodegradable & compostable in months.
  • Contain no petroleum elements.
  • Certified Non-genetically modified organisms(GMO).