5 Eco-Friendly Products That You Should Include In The Kitchen Ware

Daily use products in the kitchen such as cutlery, bowls and plates are mostly made from plastic. Consuming food from such harmful plastic products poses a serious threat to humans. This is where eco-friendly products come into the picture.

The environmentally friendly products are made from renewable resources such as cornstarch, cassava, PLA and much more. Such trailblazing eco-friendly ingredients ensure minimum impact on the environment while paving the way for a sustainable future.

There are many nature-friendly products such as PLA Straws, biodegradable bowls, biodegradable lunch boxes and more. Read on to know about the 3 new ground-breaking eco-friendly products that are an excellent alternative to traditional plastic products.

5 Revolutionary Eco-Friendly Products For A Viable Future

Here are 5 exciting biodegradable products that will nudge you to contribute for a better environment:

Food Containers Made From Leaves and Natural Materials
Food Containers Made From Leaves and Natural Materials

Areca Leaf Products

  1. The environmentally friendly Areca leaf products are made from Areca leaf.
  2. Areca leaf is 100% compostable and biodegradable. Due to its non-odorous, non-toxic and hygienic properties coupled with less weight, the Areca leaf-based products make for an excellent alternative to toxic plastic products.
  3. Some of the Areca leaf products that are being manufactured are:
  • Bowls
  • Plates
  • Cutlery

Eco-Friendly Chopstick

  1. The nature-friendly chopstick is an excellent alternative to the traditional wood-based chopsticks.
  2. These chopsticks are made from a variety of eco-friendly materials such as organic bamboo or polymer base of unusable rice and polypropylene.
  3. Since bamboo is a fast-growing tree, there is minimal impact on the soil and land as compared to the plastic or wood-based chopsticks. Polymer-based unusable rice results in lower carbon emissions which ultimately affect the global warming levels.

 2 Grid Biodegradable Lunch Box

  1. The 2 Grid Biodegradable Lunch Box is made from renewable resources such as cornstarch which boast of biodegradability and high efficiency.
  2. Cornstarch is basically a carbohydrate which is obtained from the corn’s endosperm (corn flour). Scientists have found a method where PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) can be extracted from corn flour.
  3. This essentially means zero impact on the environment while you enjoy a delicious meal or snacks in the innovative yet environmentally friendly lunch box.
Cardboard Plates
Cardboard Plates

 Eco-Friendly Cutlery

  1. The eco-friendly cutlery is made up of biodegradable material such as CPLA (Crystallized PolyLactic Acid). CPLA is a combination of PLA, corn stalks and renewable resources.
  2. The CPLA eco-friendly products can be easily recycled or composted which nullifies any sort of harmful impact on the environment.

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 PLA Straws

The eco-friendly straws are made from biodegradable material known as a thermoplastic polymer which is extracted from cornstarch and other allied ingredients.

Thus, the PLA Straws are biodegradable, petroleum-free and nature-friendly. This ensures that you contribute to creating a future fit for mankind.

Utilizing the above-mentioned green products will certainly reduce the carbon footprint and help in creating a sustainable environment. So, opt for these nature-friendly products and create awareness among-set your friends and family regarding the importance of using biodegradable products.