Do We Really Deserve The Mother Earth?

Corona virus pandemic has taught us that we cannot take Mother Earth for granted anymore. If we continue on this path, the outcomes could be far worse than our fears.

Caring for Mother Earth and our environment seems to have been a notion dear to humankind since the dawn of time. Many of the societies that are deemed “primitive” for having retained elements of a lifestyle that most human societies abandoned millennia ago exhibit, to some degree, a sense of protection of the Planet.

Nowadays, global climate change and environment and wildlife protection have been more talked about, with the prospect of humankind irremediably damaging our home. The destruction of our environment or Mother Earth is taking its toll on us: some natural resources such as oil, soil and fisheries are being used and subsequently, conflicts and entrenched hunger are being exacerbated by this scarcity.

That is a start!

Earth Day Seedlings In Concept Love The World On Natural Green
Earth Day Seedlings In Concept Love The World On Natural Green

It pains me to say this, but what is the point of going to Mars when we cannot save our Mother Earth or Planet? We are at a crossroad and we can either dive into the matrix or madman route or challenge ourselves and move on the star trek path towards a better future or there is always the Thanos way.

Mother Nature has been giving us warning signs for over a decade now with one pandemic or natural disaster after another. It is not just this crisis. The after-effects of disguised-as-shadow pandemics (hunger, abuse, violence and poverty) are surfacing slowly and steadily. Nature has given us an amazing opportunity to just pause and get off this merry-go-round of life and review how we live and what life would be like if we weren’t around to push her other children out of the playground.

But we as petulant children refuse to listen. This time she sent us to our rooms to sit in a corner and think about what we are doing. We can come out of this corner with a promise to do better or continue to do so till she hands out the next punishment which could be only more severe.

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From now, we can take the pledge or make promises to ourselves that we will be using the Eco-friendly products and compostable products which do not harm our Mother Earth and are easily disposable. If not outside the house but in the house we can minimize the use of plastics and instead use paper bags and utensils like Eco-friendly Cutlery.

If we take this pledge in the favor of Mother Earth, we will be able to see the changes in the environment and even the greenery will be seen again. Again earth will be known as the Green Planet.