Cornstarch Products: A Viable Replacement For Plastics Goods

Our Mother Earth is dying a slow death! And we humans are the reason. Since the renaissance, the industrial revolution in different parts of the world created machines to make our life easier. This, at the same time, adversely impacted the overall health of our mother Earth. Today, pollution is a global issue that needs to be addressed at all fronts before it engulfs the entire humanity.

There are many pollution causing agents and plastic or polythene is the worst of all. Its complex chemical structure makes it resistant to the natural degradation and decomposition process. Plastic takes about 500 hundred years to decompose, depending upon the chemicals used while manufacturing.

Even after this decomposition, the chemicals released are highly toxic and may render the land nonproductive. Today, the whole world is taking measures to curb plastic usage and trying to find biodegradable alternatives to plastic. One such solution that has recently gained global attention is cornstarch products.

Cornstarch Products Replacement Plastics
Pile of Cornstarch with Fresh Sweet Corn

Understanding Cornstarch and Its’ Benefits

For a basic understanding, Cornstarch is a carbohydrate extracted from the endosperm of corn, which in simpler terms can be called corn flour. It is used in our homes and restaurants for preparing various dishes. Scientists have found a way to extract polylactic acid – PLA, from the corn flour that can be used as a replacement to produce replacements to plastics.

The products made from PLA will decompose in a few months, providing a unique solution to the existing pollution and danger from the excessive use of one time use plastic products. So, providing consumers with one of the eco-friendly products, made from cornstarch, can address and replace plastic-based commodities tormenting the environment.

Some Cornstarch Products

The products like 3 Compartment Plates, Five Grid Lunch Box and Button in Square Box are a few examples of products made from cornstarch. The use of these simple yet eco-friendly products as a replacement for plastic goods can produce a major difference within little time to create a sustainable environment. Let’s have a brief look at all the above mentioned three cornstarch products:

3 Compartment Plates

These plates are completely biodegradable and cause no harm to the environment, so they can be the right replacement for the toxic plates made up of plastics. Though, the appearance is very much similar to the plastic plates but are made up of Cornstarch’s Polylactic Acid – PLA, which is both eco-friendly and compostable. The 3 Compartment Plates are best to use for serving food during picnics, family outings, and house parties.

Replacement For Plastics Goods
Replacement For Plastics Goods

Five Grid Lunch Box

Five-grid Lunch Box is an effective option for plastic lunch-boxes as these can degrade with time, causing no harm to the environment and also do not take space in landfills. These are renewable agrarian products made up of starch to make bioplastic polymers that are nature-friendly.

Button in Square Box

It’s an eco-friendly and completely biodegradable product made up of the Cornstarch’s carbohydrate extracted from the endosperm of Maize. Button in Square Box is quite similar in looks to the regular plastic, however, the former is cent percent biodegradable and compostable within a few months. These are available in two sizes of 750 ml and 1000 ml to be used as an efficient replacement to harmful plastic boxes used for storing food.

In the last 2 centuries, the atmosphere of the Earth has depleted every day. Today, pollution parameters in many cities have reached a level, which is unfit for human survival. Even if today, we do not act fast and sensibly, we humans will be the sole reason for our extinction.

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The generations to come will curse us for creating hell here on earth. Being human, it is our moral responsibility to restrain this in every little way possible. Using products made from Cornstarch is the exact little step that we wish you would follow to contribute towards a better and sustainable environment for the current and upcoming generations.